Terms and conditions


1.1. These Rules are presented to each participant the investment project with the conditions of cooperation between company cryptoempire lTD (hereinafter ― the Company) and investors (in further ― the Investor).
1.2. For registration and further cooperation with the Company only open to Investors who have reached the age of majority.
1.3. Before registering, the Investor must be familiar with the Rules and agree to implement them in the collaborative process.
1.4. The company has the right to edit these Rules by changes and additions, which take effect in the time of publication. On Investor responsibility periodically review this section to obtain relevant information about the conditions of cooperation.
1.5. The company is officially registered legal a person under the jurisdiction of great Britain and exercising his activities in according legislative provisions of that state.
1.6. All Investors, regardless of the amount of the Deposit and the deadline cooperation with the Company, have equal rights and responsibilities and capabilities for implementation investment activities using the services Of the company.
1.7. Any dispute or conflicts arising in the use of the Company website, should be resolved through negotiations between the parties to the conflict, and at impossibility to solve the situation in this way, the dispute is transferred to the legal plane.


2.1. The company is responsible for unconditional fulfillment of the rules, installed these Rules.
2.2. The company is responsible to the Investor for failure to perform their financial obligations under the current legislation.
2.3. The company is responsible for proper functioning of all systems and the website services required for the successful implementation investment activities.
2.4. The company guarantees the financial transactions and payment dividends within the time period agreed investment plans.
2.5. Information materials, design, software and services available on the website, are protected by law copyright and cannot be copied and played back on the third-party resources without the written permission of the Company.
2.6. The company has the right to have notifications on e-mail of the Investor to inform him about changes in the work site.


3.1. The investor agrees to abide by all the provisions of these Rules, governing the conduct of investment activities with using the services of the Company.
3.2. The investor bears full responsibility for the conduct of investment activities contrary to the law his country of residence.
3.3. The investor responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, and, when necessary, provide supporting documents.
3.4. The investor is responsible for the correctness payment details that are subject to withdrawal. The funds derived under an incorrect details The company does not kompensiruet.
3.5. The investor has the right to participate in the affiliate program to attract new participants in the project and receive compensation in commissions from the profit of each invited referral.
3.6. The investor agrees to use to embed referral links only conventional methods without the use of spam.


4.1. In the investment Fund of the Company includes equity The company and the capital contributed to Investor deposits.
4.2. The company has the right to independently dispose of the funds received from the Investor, to carry out activities with the aim profit.
4.3. The investor has no opportunity to influence the decisions of the Company and directly participate in its activities.
4.4. The investor makes a decision about making a Deposit yourself based on the information set forth in the investment plans of the Company, and consistent with their own financial opportunities.
4.5. The profit gained in the result of the activities of the Company distributed among Investors as dividends, the amount of which depends on the chosen investment plans.
4.6. The size and periodicity of the profit specified in investment plans.
4.7. Any financial transactions made by the Investor are unable to be cancelled. The company does not compensate for the losses associated with erroneous actions of the Investor.
4.8 Withdrawal occurs in Auto mode (payment within 48 hours). In the case of providing inaccurate, incomplete data about the system output by the client, the withdrawal does not occur, and the request for withdrawal is rejected until the corrections or clarification of all discrepancies and data.
4.9 Applications for withdrawal are accepted around the clock.